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Translation Resources

This page contains links to machine translation, online dictionaries, translation products and language tools

AltaVista SysTran
Babel Fish Translation covering Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish languages.

Google Translate
Translation tools of text and web pages in French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish

online Arabic-English machine translation. Site requires registration and/or subscription.

Al Misbar
Instant Arabic machine translation. Site requires paid subscription.

Arabic Translingual System
Search the indexed Arabic archive of eleven newspapers. Useful for words lookup and terms use.

Sakhr Arabic-English-French-German-Turkish dictionary online.

Systran Premium
The Leading translation software that can help you translate foreign languages.

Translation Software
Translate foreign languages using the power of your computer.

Directory of translators
Online directory of translators from

Offers machine translation products for English, Arabic, Persian/Farsi/Dari, Pashto, and Turkish for the IT industry.

London Arabic Translation
London-based Arabic translation company offering translations for businesses worldwide.

Arabic Translation Services
Quality Arabic Translation on time every time.

Free Translation 1-800-Translate
Fast, accurate translation interpretation, and localization in 157 languages.

Arabic Translation Articles
Articles and tutorials about Arabic translation and language learning.

Offers translation memory products which store and reuse translations produced by human linguists and translators.

Free Translation Memory engine available for Microsoft Word on PC and Mac. Also supports Arabic translation.