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Arabic Web Links

Welcome to the resources directory page at ArabTrans Arabic Translation Services. We are in the process of building a comprehensive directory that will contain many useful links

  • Arabia Online
    Art, news, sports and tourism

  • Ayna
    Directory of Arabic websites as well as ads, links and current affairs

  • Maktoob
    Free web-based email - Arabs' hotmail

  • Al-Waraq
    Old and famous Arabic books available for reading online

  • Al-Jazeera
    The Arabic Satellite TV news channels

  • Asharq AlAwsat
    Pan-Arab daily published in the UK

  • AlQuds
    Palestinian newspaper published online from Jerusalem

  • AdDustour
    Arabic newspaper from Jordan

  • Teshreen
    Arabic newspaper from Syria

  • An-Nahrain
    Daily news from Iraq

  • Al-Quds Al-'arabi
    Independent Arabic newspaper published in London

  • Egyptian Tourism
    Website under reconstruction

  • Destination Lebanon
    Lebanese tours, travel and tourist information

  • Syria Tourism
    Official site by Syrian ministry of tourism

  • Konouz
    Arabic search engine and directory

  • Mirago Multilingual UK Search Engine
    Search Engine aimed specifically at UK users

  • Arabic SEO
    ArabTrans offers Arabic Google AdWords, PPC and Arabic search engine optimization (SEO) for UK, European and International companies

  • Arabic Google
    The Arabic page of Google Search Engine. Can be Used to limit results to Arabic web pages

  • Google Saudi Arabia
    Can be Used to limit search to Saudi-Arabian sites

  • Google UAE
    Can be Used to limit search to websites hosted in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)